Many people are in doubt about these concepts, and questions are often the same: what is cannabis, what is marijuana, and what is hemp? If it is not crystal clear to you yet, keep on reading.

First and foremost, it is important to know how cannabis and marijuana are cannabis - they are all the same plant, but a different kind of the same plant. Marijuana is the name for one species, hemp for another. Therefore, we can say that their morphology and their uses are different. The main difference is in the psychoactive content:

- Hemp - psychoactive content (amount of THC) is 0.2% and less
- Marijuana - psychoactive content (amount of THC) is up to 40%

In other words, from marijuana (rich in THC) - you will feel a little different - "high" (or a bit "higher"- depending on how much of THC you take) dizzy, while from hemp, you will not feel any dizziness. Due to this difference, people often think that these are two plants of different genera, but this is not true.

Marijuana is a bit of a derogatory name, and many people, especially cannabis activists and advocates, do not like to hear someone use the word "marijuana." Many people use the word cannabis to refer to marijuana, a species with more THC, while hemp describes a low-THC plant.



You see, the term originated from the Mexican Spanish word, but it was later adapted to other languages, so the term marijuana was born. It is believed that this term was popularized in America by opponents of cannabis who wanted to stigmatize it. Indeed, stigmatization happened, but more in one of the paragraphs below. During this period, Mexicans, Latinos, and blacks were marginalized in America. Cannabis/marijuana has been linked to these groups and blamed for many American problems.

Due to that connotation, derogatory and racist expression, people stopped liking the name ''Marijuana". Yet it is still part of many cultures, although many do not understand its origins or the historical context of the term. Today, you will come across the name marijuana in many places and know right away that it is cannabis with a higher proportion of THC and mostly recreational cannabis.




- Because people are used to it

- Because this notion is deeply rooted in conversation, in languages, in understanding and understanding what kind of plant it is

- Because people are not educated enough about the history of this concept

- Because people do not care that they use it

In addition to marijuana, there are many other names in the jargon. You probably know best about these names because literally, every area invents its names. What is the reason? Well, for the ease of understanding. But also for secrecy from the law. Psst. (joking!)

 Some of the better known names are "grass", "chard", "cabbage", "green", "ganja", "vutra", "žiža", "džidža" or "pot", ie literally translated from the American-English "pot" "

Both plants - hemp and marijuana - are plants of the same genus and the same species called Cannabis sativa. That is what they have in common.

Here is what else they have in common:

Cannabis is not psychoactive, while marijuana is
As I mentioned above, hemp will not make you high even if it has 0.3% THC, and even a little more. But what is THC? THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis. The more it has, the more you consume it, the more you will feel cognitive changes. Also, you will feel different: light, cheerful, mild or more intoxicated, and even sluggish, lazy, painless - it all depends on how much THC you have consumed.

People consider hemp as all plants that have 3% THC or less. Believe it or not, a plant that has 0.4% THC is considered marijuana, even though 0.4% is still too little THC to smell at all. But such is the law. When it comes to the law, here is another difference.


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